Lake Geneva’s peaceful shorelines

    Whether on the Swiss or French side, the Lake Geneva shorelines give shape to our imagination where tranquility and wellness radiate.

    The lakeshores are calling to us to slow down and take the time to really ponder and connect to what is important. The majestic setting, amplified by the surrounding mountains, allows our minds to slip into a sense of calm serenity to go in search of our inner self.

    plage lac léman amphion pays d'evian

    Enjoy a Relaxing Moment on Lake Geneva's Shoreline

    A comforting sun, fresh water, a light breeze, and an extraordinary view. These are the main ingredients that make up a relaxing moment on a Lake Geneva beach.

    Cycle Along the Shoreline

    Lake Geneva’s Shorelines: Take a Stroll to Town Along the Quays

    Évian-les-Bains, a Touch of the Côte d'Azur

    In Évian, you will enjoy the large pedestrian area between the road and the lake, which is reminiscent of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. You can go towards the port to admire the moored boats. Along the way, the fascinating architecture on the other side of the road such as the Casino, will enhance your walk even more.

    Les Rives du lac de Meillerie

    Meillerie, fishing in its soul

    Head down to the Marin Jacquier quay to take in the most sumptuous view of the lake. You will delight in the town’s fishing atmosphere, which is steeped in history.

    Saint Gingolph lac Léman

    Saint-Gingolph, a French-Swiss Vibe

    The Quai André Chevallay in the beautiful bi-national town of Saint-Gingolph is a sublime place to take a relaxing walk. You can enjoy the calm, and take in the magnificent views of the Swiss mountains on the other side of Lake Geneva, as well as the French mountains by just turning your head. Saint-Gingolph represents the fraternity between France and Switzerland.

    Beautiful walks in Maxilly-Neuvecelle

    In Maxilly-sur-Léman and Neuvecelle there are many pleasant walks along the water’s edge where you can take advantage of the peace and quiet in the lush green surroundings.

    Amphion Publier Rives du lac Léman

    Publier-Amphion, a picture postcard

    The view of the lake from Publier-Amphion is a real picture postcard! You can stroll along the quayside and join the various parks nestled along the lakeshore.

    Lake Geneva's Shorelines: Take a Walk in the Parks

    Tilleuls Park

    Tilleuls Park

    Enjoy a peaceful park by the water and its magnificent view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss mountains.

    More information about Tilleuls Park
    Les  Jardins de l’eau de Pré Curieux

    Les Jardins de l’eau de Pré Curieux

    Le Pré Curieux is a garden dedicated to the protection of water and wetlands. You can visit the Pré Curieux by solar boat from Evian-les-Bains town centre in Haute-Savoie. After visiting the museum, the visit continues through the gardens which are divided into three ecosystems linked to water.

    More information about Les Jardins de l’eau de Pré Curieux

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