Become a Partner of the Pays d'Évian-Vallée d'Abondance Tourist Information Centre

    Since 2022, the Pays d’Évian-Vallée d’Abondance Tourist Information Centre is redefining its relationship with its partners!

    The aim is to establish a genuine partnership policy and initiate a collective dynamic involving all those implicated in the region’s tourism. For this, the OTPEVA (PEVA Tourist Info Centre) endeavoured to better promote their partners to all its visitors, inhabitants and Internet users.

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    A New Look with Our Themed Guides

    Individual Tourist Information guides are a thing of the past! As from now, everything is grouped together under 3 specific geographical themes:

    • Lakeside
    • The Gavot Plateau
    • Abondance Valley

    This will ensure that each partner has much greater visibility!

    An Enhanced Collection

    New for 2022, is a Gastronomic Guide with all the region’s foodie spots (including the producers, educational farms, etc.) and places with amenities for picnics, and a tourist map of the pays d’Évian-vallée d’Abondance.

    A Promising Future

    From 2023, the PEVATO is enhancing its offer and increasing its visibility, particularly digitally with redesigned communication tools.

    Join us now!


    Would you like to contact us for more information about partnerships? You can send us an email to or call us on 06 71 99 46 74!