Leman Mountains Explore____Water: from the River Dranse to Lake Geneva

Water: from the River Dranse to Lake Geneva

Water is life! And never more so than in the Pays d’Évian-Vallée d’Abondance. Throughout the region water is in a variety of forms, the symbol of life, purity, and unity. From the world-famous Évian mineral water to the iconic Lake Geneva, passing by the wetlands, natural and artificial lakes and by the relentless River Dranse that serpentines the territory.

When the latine sails, vestiges from the past, meet stand-up paddles, windsurfers, and fishing boats…

Lulled by the gentle waves on Lake Geneva or rocked about on the River Dranse’s whitewater, you can combine both tranquillity and adventure in the Pays d’Évian-Vallée d’Abondance.

Do You Fancy Navigating on Lake Geneva?

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Fly Across the Swell on an E-Foil!

Do you want to try something new?

Fly above the water at speeds reaching 50km/h on the Evolution 2’s electric foils. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, it’s accessible to everyone, the E-Foil gives you sport, an adrenalin rush and the amazing feeling that you’re flying – something most of us have always dreamed of doing at least once!

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Take advantage of your holiday to recharge your batteries

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Fishing in the Mountain lakes

From Saint-Paul-en-Chablais to Châtel, the valley is overflowing with high-altitude lakes where fishing is authorised (once you have a valid permit)!

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Just Relax on the Beach

Lake Geneva is like the sea in the mountains. With an average temperature of 25°C in the summer, the lake’s beaches are as delightful as any Mediterranean seaside resort. And as a bonus, it’s freshwater not salty!

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