Tourist Tax

    Why a tourist tax?

    The tourist tax is a tax paid by holidaymakers when they stay in a tourist establishment (hotel, residence, furnished tourist accommodation, etc.). This tax helps to finance the expenses related to the tourist attendance, as well as the protection of natural areas for holidaymakers.

    The amount of this tax varies according to the accommodation’s category and classification.

    How much will my tourist tax cost?

    Accommodation Category Tax Rate
    Palaces €3.10
    5 stars: hotels, residences, furnished €3.10
    4 stars: hotels, residences, furnished €2.25
    3 stars: hotels, residences, furnished €1.25
    2 stars: hotels, residences, furnished
    4 and 5 stars: holiday villages
    1 star: hotels, residences, furnished
    1, 2 and 3 stars: holiday villages, bed & breakfasts, group hostels
    3, 4 and 5 stars: outdoor accommodation (camp sites, caravaning, camping-car areas) €0.50
    1 et 2 stars: outdoor accommodation and marinas €0.20
    Unclassified accommodation 5% of the price per night

    I am an accommodation provider

    If you are an accommodation provider and you would like more information regarding the tourist tax, go to the dedicated space on the Community of Communes website!

    To obtain a registration number, go to DéclaLoc!