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Getting Around the Region

    Where is the Pays d'Évian-Vallée d'Abondance?

    The Pays d’Évian-Vallée d’Abondance is a region in the Haute-Savoie located on the edge of Lake Geneva, in the Chablais Massif. It extends from Publier in the northwest to the Swiss border in the east and goes right down to Châtel.

    Getting to the Pays d'Évian-Vallée d'Abondance


    By train

    You can reach Thonon-les-Bains or Évian-les-Bains by train on the Swiss and French railway network. Since 2019, the Léman Express links Geneva to Evian in only 1 hour!

    If you are coming from Lyon, you can reach Thonon or Évian in 3 hours by going through Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. From Paris, on Saturdays, you can even jump onto the direct TGV that takes only 4h30.

    By Plane

    By plane, the closest airport is Geneva. You then take the airport train to “Geneva-Cornavin” (very regular service) for the link to Thonon-les-Bains or Évian-les-Bains in 1 hour.

    By Boat

    If you are coming from the other side of the lake, maybe you’d be interested in joining the region by boat from Lausanne! There are regular crossings linking Lausanne to Thonon-les-Bains and Lausanne to Évian-les-Bains.

    Pays d'evian vallée d'abondance ski mer de nuage

    This village is part of pays d'Evian vallée d'Abondance

    The communes of the Pays d’Evian, the Pays de Gavot and the Vallée d’Abondance unite under the same banner to form the territory of the pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance!

    From Lake Geneva (372 m) to Mont de Grange (2,432 m), an astonishing territory or a natural territory, the pays d’Évian vallée d’Abondance comes in different facets and will continue to surprise those who wish to explore it!

    Getting to the Resorts

    Bernex village été haute-savoie ©Gilles_Lansard

    How to Get to Bernex and Thollon from Évian

    Access to Thollon and Bernex villages couldn’t be easier from Évian! Take advantage of daily connections during the school holidays!

    (2022-2023 Winter Timetable coming soon)

    The Thonon-Châtel ColomBus and No 121 Bus Line

    Winter as well as summer, the ColomBus takes you into the Abondance Valley.

    It stops at all the villages in the valley: Chevenoz, Vacheresse, Bonnevaux, Abondance, La Chapelle d’Abondance and Châtel.

    Also, find all the details on the bus line 121 which connects Thonon and Châtel!

    IMPORTANT: the Autumn timetable (from 1st September) is the same as the Spring timetable (from 2nd May to 7th July).

    En hiver, dans les stations

    La Chapelle d'Abondance Free Shuttle Bus

    Free shuttle buses run all day all across La Chapelle d’Abondance village, so you can reach the ski domains (during the winter season). The return route is as follows: Les Plagnes – Crêt-Béni – Église – Tourist Information Centre (main square) – Les Thoules – La Panthiaz – La Ville du Nant – Centre Sportif. Only in the winter season.

    For group reservations, please contact the Town Hall.
    Tel.: +33 (0)4 50 73 50 08

    The trans'Abondance ski

    The Trans’Abondance Ski is a free shuttle bus for groups of children on colony holidays in the Abondance municipality. It runs from the Christmas holidays to the end of March, depending on requests.
    Starting from the accommodation, it stops at the following destinations:
    ♦ The Essert Cable Car
    ♦ The Ludoffaz Ice Skating Rink
    ♦ La Maison du Fromage Abondance
    ♦ The Abondance Abbey

    Information and mandatory prior booking no later than the day before at the Essert ski lift ticket offices +33 (0)4 50 73 76 87.

    Châtel Shuttle Service

    6 mini shuttle buses run from one point to another in the village so every area in Châtel is easily accessible to everyone!

    Bernex's Little Train

    Original and practical, Bernex’s little train runs throughout the day to take you from the village centre to and from the base of the ski slopes, for holidaymakers it’s a fun trip in itself! During the school holidays, the little train runs non-stop every day with a rotation every 20 minutes.

    Car Parks in the Region

    Electric Car Recharge Terminals

    Camping-Car Spots

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